Many things have changed this year, particularly the way we live and work.

Our Livensa Living residences are more than ready to adapt to this ‘new normal’, offering facilities that allow you to live in the way that works for you. The flexible common spaces are perfect for socialising, whilst the bedrooms can be used as your own private classroom. There’s also nothing better than taking classes out in the fresh air, knowing that you’re safe whilst you’re studying.

We offer everything you need to continue learning in a residence designed with you in mind.


Your Livensa Living experience represents a pivotal moment in your personal and academic life, and there’s nothing better than sharing that experience with those who will accompany you both now and into the future.

You will meet people who have the same interests, worries and goals as you, and who knows, perhaps one day they’ll make valuable contacts when you’re starting out in your career.

Not only are you starting university; you’re also starting a new stage in your life that will help you to develop your future career.


The Livensa Living is diverse, multicultural and international. What does this mean exactly?

It means that not only will you meet a variety of interesting people, but that you can travel the world without leaving your living room. You will get to know new cultures, customs and points of view, not to mention new cuisines from across the globe!

If you’re lucky, this may well lead to future opportunities to travel as it’s always good to have friends dotted around the globe!

Student Life all around

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    At Livensa Living, student life consists of much more than attending classes and studying. The facilities not only allow you to work hard and live comfortably, but to really make the most of every day. Our halls of residence have gyms, cinema rooms, rehearsal rooms and much more.

    Our Student Life team will ensure there’s never a dull moment, so that you can live your years at university to the fullest. They have plenty of activities prepped to help you enjoy all the facilities, as well as make unforgettable memories in your new city. Experience all this and more in the best possible company: alongside your fellow Livensers!