Legal notice

Dear user, welcome to Livensa Living’ residences. You are about to live one of the best experiences in this stage of your academic studies that will allow you grow as a person. 

The environment in which you will be part is formed of a maximum of tolerance and integration, where above all and everyone, there is the respect for people, their beliefs, ideas and traditions. 

In our residences we encourage socialization and learning from each other, to make the fact of living together something easy and healthy to allow us help as community.

In the following Terms of Use (hereafter “ToU” and “Terms of Use”) you will find our legal conditions. It is important for you to read and understand them, so take your time to do it, because this Terms of Use are applicable to the Website and for any booking or contracting of our services.


Here are the basic details about the company that provides the services:

Residences sited in Spain:

ALUMNI SPANISH BIDCO, S.L. (henceforth “We” or “Alumni”).

Registered address: C/ Poeta Joan Maragall, 1-7, 28020 - Madrid

VAT number: B-88468582, and incorporated in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 39632, page 90 and sheet M-703393.

Residences sited in Portugal:

ALUMNI PORTUGAL BIDCO, S.á.R.L. Sucursal em Portugal (henceforth “We” or “Alumni”).

Registered address: Rua Conde de Redondo 79, 1150-102, Lisboa, Portugal

Tax number: 980671248.

E-mail address:


2.1. These ToU described below constitute a legally binding contract between Alumni and who is interested in our services (henceforth “You” or the “Resident”).

These ToU must be accepted before the corresponding service is provided and to enter into the Student Housing Agreement for the Resident or the renewal of the agreement. It implies absolute compliance with the rules and principles established in this ToU, not being admitted in any case allegations or disagreements to the contrary. 

The contract may be formalised, at your choice, in any of the languages in which the ToU are available on this website.

2.2. Some services offered on this website (henceforth, the “Website”), accessible to users or exclusive to Residents, may be subject to specific conditions, regulations for use and instructions which, where applicable, replace, complete and/or modify this ToU.

The information provided on our Website does not constitute an offer to sell, but an invitation to contract. The main characteristics of the service are indicated at all times by Alumni. All information regarding the rooms and services offered will be published there.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Alumni reserves the right to, at any time, modify these ToU and any other content displayed on the Website. 


3.1. If you are interested in our residences, and you would like to be a member of one of them, you will have to create an account and be registered in our Website to complete the steps we indicate hereunder. 

3.2. First of all, and once you have provided us with certain necessary information regarding the availability of the selected residence, you need to create a profile and be registered to make a booking.

If there were no availability, a message informing you of that situation will appear inviting you to select another period, room type and/or residence.

Once you have consulted how our residences and rooms are, their features, their availability and, finally, you would have created a profile, you are able to book a room and contract the additional services available in each residence. The services offered and described in the Website will contain specific conditions such as the price and other issues considered relevant by Alumni in order to your booking ("Particular Conditions") and will specific and binding to you.

3.3. To complete any reservation or hire services, you must first accept these ToU, as well as the Privacy Policy. 

That is why, by accepting them, your rights and obligations are expressly regulated, acknowledging and declaring that you have read each and every one of the legal texts mentioned above.

3.4. After having completed all the information requested for the booking procedure, selecting the desired room, the services and further details, you will have to complete the information requested and sign the Student Housing Agreement with its Particular Conditions. 

3.5. To finalize the booking procedure, and depending on the length of the stay, you will have to pay the amounts indicated within two (2) days from the signature of the agreement. Once completed, you will be sent an email informing you that the request has been registered. In case the payment of the appropriate amounts had not been made within two (2) days from the signature of the agreement (48 hours), neither the booking nor the agreement will be valid. 

3.6. Subsequently and once the booking is confirmed, the next step will be to formalize the booking done that binds you with the residence during the period of time selected making the payments of the remaining amounts within the indicated time period that must be done, at the very latest, at the time indicated into the agreement and prior to check-in. Otherwise, the agreement will not be effective. 


In case you would like to modify or cancel the booking of the room or the services contracted, please, visit the Cancellation Policy


The methods of payment accepted will be those indicated on the Website, whereas we reserve the right to modify and include different options as an available method of payment. 


To book any room or contract any of the services offered in our Website, you must be of legal age in your residence country and provide all the information requested during the registration process and subsequently, as we indicate, in order to access to our residences. 

In case you were underage, during the registration process, we will request some information of your legal guardian and we will contact him/her to finalize the contracting of the services and rooms offered and to guarantee that you have the authorization to stay in one of our residences.

In any case, we will send him/her a copy of the legal documents with the contracted services.


Our Website may contain links to third party websites in order to provide you with additional or complementary information. However, we are not responsible for the content or legality of third-party links on the Website, as we cannot control the environments of third parties or be responsible for their content. 

If Alumni becomes aware that any of the links leads to illegal Websites, it will be removed from our Website as soon as possible after having actual knowledge of such illegality.

Alumni do not share any information with social networks like Facebook, Twitter or any other, which is incorporated or may be incorporated into its Website. The information you provide to these networks will be made under your own responsibility.


8.1. Alumni may, at any time, add new rooms and services to those already included in the Website. In this regard, such new services shall be governed by the provisions of this ToU in force at that time, as well as by the Particular Conditions established. 

Alumni reserves the right to withdraw or cease to offer, at any time, and without notice, any rooms or services offered on the Website.

8.2. Alumni cannot guarantee that the Website will work continuously and uninterrupted, either for technical or outside reasons, for maintenance work or any other factor. Similarly, Alumni cannot guarantee that the Website is free of bugs, malicious code or any other harmful component. 

We cannot control the behaviour of the users whether yours or third parties, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for it. Therefore, you accept and assume, in equal measure, that Alumni will not be responsible for any incident, irregularity or disagreement related to the services or rooms, except in those cases where, through gross negligence or wilful misconduct, Alumni had failed to meet its obligations to you.

8.3. In any case, and in the event of recognizing the origin of a liability compensation, you accept and acknowledge that it will not be higher than the amount you have paid for the product or services that are the subject of the claim.


9.1 Alumni owns all intellectual property rights of the Website, or, where appropriate, holds the licenses to exploit their contents. This includes software, text, photographs and illustrations, logos, trademarks, interfaces and any other information contained. 

9.2. We reserve all intellectual property rights on the Website and its contents, being expressly prohibited to modify, copy, integrate, sell, reproduce, publicly communicate, combine, transform or distribute by any means and in any way, all or part of the contents of the Website for commercial or advertising purposes. 

By the mere use or navigation on the Website, it will not be understood that a transfer, transmission or waiver of all or part of such rights is taking place.

9.3. You are given a right to use the content of the Website only in accordance with these ToU. For any other use, you need written permission from Alumni, or the relevant owners of intellectual property rights. 

9.4. When you send information to Alumni, you warrant that such information does not infringe any intellectual property rights or any other belonging to third parties. In this regard, you agree and warrant that Alumni will not be responsible and will remain undamaged in case of any claim regarding this Section. 


If you have any query, suggestion, complaint or claim related to the booking or the services offered, you can write us through our customer service channel:

- E-mail address: (Ref. web T&C).

- Postal Address: C/ Poeta Joan Maragall, 1-7, 28020 - Madrid


We are very respectful with your privacy. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Alumni informs the user that his/her personal data will be processed and communicated by Livensa Living, S.L. to ALUMNI SPANISH BIDCO S.L. or ALUMNI PORTUGAL BIDCO, S.á.R.L. Sucursal em Portugal, entities which are established as lessors within the Group.

The process and communication of the personal data by Livensa Living is for the purpose of managing the different processes and any other related issues regarding the booking processes and for the pre contractual or contractual relationship with the data subject.

Visit our Privacy Policy in order to obtain more information about how and why we process your personal data.


In the event that any term was declared null, invalid or void, shall be deemed not included and will be removed from these ToU. Its erasure will not affect the rest of the conditions, which will remain in force and will continue be applicable. 


Failure by you or Alumni to comply with the obligations set forth in these ToU on one or more occasions shall not be deemed a waiver of the corresponding right, nor shall it deprive Alumni of the right to require accurate compliance with those obligations thereafter. 


You accept and acknowledge that you may not assign, in favour of any third party, the rights and obligations set forth in these ToU without Alumni’s prior authorization. 


15.1.- You fully accept and expressly recognizes that this Terms of Use shall be governed by and be construed, in its entirety, in accordance with the current Spanish law.

15.2. Similarly, you accept and acknowledge that, in order to resolve any dispute, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts established by the applicable law. However, we encourage you to reach an amicable solution. 

Unless any specific legal provision commands otherwise, the disputes will be resolved by the Courts of Madrid.